Disney’s Animal Kingdom Up Close With Rhinos Backstage Tour

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Southern White Rhinos, Baby Mylo

Had the best time going on the Up Close With Rhinos tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this past week.

The tour is 1 hour long and goes backstage to meet members of the Southern White Rhino care team along with a Rhino!! Disney’s Animal Kingdom currently has 2 Black Rhinos, but these are housed in different areas.

Tickets are $46 with all money going to Disney’s Conservation Fund. There is a discounted ticket price for Annual Passholders. Reservations can currently be made 60 days out from your trip. I encourage looking again if they are not available as more spots do open up!

Check In for Up Close With the Rhinos

Check In is suggested 30 minutes before the 11:00 am tour. It’s located near the entrance of Kilimanjaro Safaris in Africa.

At your time, you hop on a small bus and head to the White Rhino barn. Here you meet the Rhino keepers, who share a lot of fun information. Then you head over to take turns petting a Rhino. The keepers also answer questions, which was awesome! If you a lucky you may also see one of the babies Ranger, Mylo or Logan!

When you get back from the tour, photo ops are offered including a fun photo including which rhino you met.

Photo Op after Up Close With Rhinos tour.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tour Length ⏰ 1 hour

Check In : near Kilimanjaro Safaris

Ticket Price 🎟 : $46 (all to Disney Conservation fund) available 60 days out

Rules : No Cameras backstage


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